Antares has developed an extensive collection of innovative tools that let you burnish your tracks to perfection. From familiar functions like dynamics processing and de-essing, to unique capabilities unavailable from any other plug-ins, Antares audio production tools all feature superb audio quality and straightforward, intuitive user interfaces.

  • Mic Mod EFX Video Screenshot

    Mic Mod EFX

    Classic Microphone Modeler

    Now the Mics You Own Can Sound Like the Mics You Wish You Owned

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  • Throat Evo Video Screenshot

    THROAT Evo

    Physical Modeling Vocal Designer

    Process Voices Through A Meticulously Crafted Physical Model Of The Human Vocal Tract

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  • Warm Evo Video Screenshot


    Tube Saturation Generator

    Warm Up Your Vocals With Antares' World-Renowned Analog Tube Modeling Technology

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  • Punch Evo Video Screenshot

    PUNCH Evo

    Vocal Impact Enhancer

    Give Your Vocals More Dynamic Impact, Allowing Them To Cut Through Dense Mixes With Clarity And Power

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  • Duo Evo Video Screenshot

    DUO Evo

    Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler

    The Quickest, Easist Way To Create Realistic Vocal Doubling

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  • Sybil Evo Video Screenshot

    SYBIL Evo

    Variable Frequency De-Esser

    Quickly and Easily Tame Vocal Sibilence

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  • Aspire Evo Video Screenshot

    ASPIRE Evo

    Aspiration Noise Processor

    The World's First Tool For Modifying A Voice's Breathiness Independently Of Its Harmonic Content

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