Audio Demos

Learn about Antares’ extensive slection of innovative processing tools.

Auto-Tune EFX 3

Pitch Correction - Before

In this example, we asked singer/songwriter Chelsea Dyer to purposely make pitch errors in a performance of her song, "Don't Give Up On Me Now".

Pitch Correction - After

Processed in Pitch Correct mode by Auto-Tune EFX 3

Auto-Tune Vocal Effect - Before

Steven Sherak's original song, "Hidin'".

Auto-Tune Vocal Effect - After

Processed in Auto-Tune EFX 3 with Retune Speed set to 0.

With Humanize Off

The fast notes are completely tuned, but the sustained note is unnaturally static.

With Humanize On

The fast notes are still tuned, while allowing the sustained note to realistically reproduce the natural variations of the original performance.

Auto-Motion Patterns #1

Auto-Motion Patterns #2


Harmony Engine Evo


Allen Papouban uses Harmony Engine Evo with vocalist Holly Prothman to create the harmonies in his song, Time. The CHOIR function is used to thicken up the backing vocals in the first half of the song, while the second half features five-part harmony.

Sing in Harmony

Composer Jeff Essex recorded Jerry Kennedy singing the lead vocal, then used Harmony Engine Evo's MIDI Channel mode to produce all of the harmony parts, including the integrated CHOIR on some of the phrases.

A Full Production

Producer/DJ/remixer Morgan Page uses Harmony Engine Evo to create backup harmonies for his song, On My Chest.

A Pop Ballad - Original Tracks

The original vocal track by singer/songwriter Paloma Ramos and piano accompaniment by co-writer Jason Poyner.

A Pop Ballad with Harmony Engine

MIDI data from Jason's original keyboard performance is used as harmony control input to a single instance of Harmony Engine Evo. At various points in the arrangement , the Formant Only Freeze function turn the harmony voices into wordless backup parts.

Country Folk

In this demo, Gerry Bassermann uses Harmony Engine Evo for the song Lift Us Away. Two vocal parts, each with Harmony Engine Evo.

Lift Us Away

Erik D and Stacey Dawn use Harmony Engine Evo on the vocals of this tasty bit of techno.



THROAT Evo Example



The Unprocessed Vocal

Shifted Down

Pitch Shift and Throat Modeling

Shifted Up

Pitch Shift and Throat Modeling


In this demo, we combine Pitch Shift, Throat Modeling, and one of the 24 varieties of Mutation to turn our vocalist into a demon.

Basic Alienization

Applying Alienization with a medium Dialect setting to the otherwise unaffected vocal.

Short Period Alienization

Another variety of Mutation and Dialect set to a shorter period, allowing more recognizable bits of the original phrase to come though.

Long Period Alienization

Yet another variety of Mutation with Dialect set to a much longer period, moving fully into the land of the weird.

Tempo-Synced Alienization

In this demo by Allen Papouban, MUTATOR Evo's Tempo-Synced Alienization function is used to sync the alienized vocal to the tempo of the song.

Automated Variation

All of MUTATOR Evo's various tools can be automated. Here we torture our vocal for the last time, varying pitch shift, throat models, mutation, processed/original mix and alienization.

My Life - Original

Singer/songwriter Hope Mayo's song in its original form so that you can clearly hear what MUTATOR Evo has done with it (plus, it's just a really nice song that deserves to be heard the way Hope intended).

My Life - Processed

Processed in real time with one instance of MUTATOR, using automation to vary the pitch shift, throat length and width, original and processed mix (to produce harmony), and even a little alienization.



Making Me Cry



Female Vocal - Dry

Female Vocal - Processed with DUO Evo



Backup Singer - Dry

One female vocalist with multi-tracked harmony.

Backup Choir

The same tracks with CHOIR Evo applied to each track.

Male Trio - Dry

One male vocalist with multi-tracked harmony.

Male Choir

The same tracks with CHOIR Evo applied to each track.



Original Track

Note how the level of each vocal phrase tails off at end.

Processed with PUNCH Evo

Note the consistent level and increased dynamic impact.



ASPIRE Evo Example