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Antares introduces the SoundSoap line of products

Antares Audio Technologies develops innovative DSP-based audio hardware and software products that provide musicians, producers and engineers with creative capabilities that they may never have imagined possible.

Antares Audio Technologies SoundSoap product line is consumer-friendly noise reduction software that solves audio noise problems like unwanted hiss and background noises, clicks, pops, crackles, electrical hum, rumble, clipping, and low volume in media files. It is so user-friendly that average consumers without any audio expertise can use it to fix audio noise problems. Used by hundreds of thousands of consumers and professionals worldwide to create stunning audio for their video, screencast, podcast, and LP restoration, music, or dialogue projects, SoundSoap works as a full-featured standalone application or as an audio software plug-in for use in popular applications like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools, Logic X, GarageBand, Sonar, Adobe Audition, and Digital Performer.