Antares' unique vocal tools let you transform the human voice in ways that open up entirely new vistas of sonic creativity.

  • Harmony Engine EVO video screenshot

    Harmony Engine Evo

    Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator

    The Quickest, Easiest Tool For Creating Realistic Vocal Harmonies

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  • Throat Evo Video Screenshot

    THROAT Evo

    Physical Modeling Vocal Designer

    Process Voices Through A Meticulously Crafted Physical Model Of The Human Vocal Tract

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  • Articulator Evo Video Screenshot


    Digital Talkbox

    Create Talking Guitars, Singing Synths, And A Wide Range Of Special Effects

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  • Mutator Evo Video Screenshot


    Extreme Voice Designer

    A Unique Tool For Special Vocal Effects And Post-Production Sound Design

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  • Choir Evo Video Screenshot

    CHOIR Evo

    Vocal Multiplier

    Turn a Single Voice into Up to 32 Individual Unison Voices

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  • Duo Evo Video Screenshot

    DUO Evo

    Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler

    The Quickest, Easist Way To Create Realistic Vocal Doubling

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