In 1997, Antares introduced Auto-Tune Pitch Correction and instantly revolutionized vocal production. For over a decade and a half, it's been the worldwide professional standard in pitch (and now time) correction and manipulation. Today, the Auto-Tune product line includes plug-ins designed to meet every professional vocal editing (and budget) requirement. 

  • Auto-Tune 8 Video link

    Auto-Tune 8

    World Standard Professional Pitch and Time Correction

    Create perfectly tuned, natural sounding recordings and dramatic vocal effects.

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  • Auto-Tune Live Video Screenshot

    Auto-Tune Live

    Professional Real-Time Pitch Correction

    World standard professional pitch correction optimized for tracking and live performance.

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  • Auto-Tune EFX 3 Video Thumbnail

    Auto-Tune EFX 3

    Real-Time Pitch Correction

    The Easiest, Most Affordable Tool for Real-Time Pitch Correction, the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect and Auto-Motion™ Vocal Pattern Generation.

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  • Auto-Tune 7 video screenshot

    Auto-Tune 7 TDM/RTAS

    World Standard Pitch and Time Correction

    For Pro Tools Legacy Systems

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